Orrijn Ener
Character Information
Species Ooth
Status Alive
Times Revived 1
Position Test Subject
Other Main character, Team Alpha member
Real World Information
Introduced Chapter 1

Orrijn Ener, Ener for short, is one of the two main characters in A'LLUKIN, along with Maddox.

Description Edit

He is a male Ooth, a canine-like being with dirty tan fur and blue eyes. According to his computer profile shown in Chapter 4, he is 5` 7`` tall, he weighs 154 lbs and he was born in 5327.26.06 (probably standing for the 26 of July of 5327). He is, in general, affable and curious; he likes the color blue (in objects such as a blue ball or a blue scarf), and can't stand the sight of bloods (at least, bloods that are not his as he didn't recoil from his own bloods in Chapter 4).

He had a wife, Tey'ri, and a son, Foer, whom he lived with before entering the Of Empathy ship, in which he was a test subject before the incident. It was confirmed in Chapter 6 that his wife and son were deceased under unknown circumstance. Also puzzling is how Ener came to be on technological environment of the Of Empathy despite being a native from an unnamed rainforest region shown in his flashback from Chapter 6.

He is the first character ever to make an appearance in the story, in Chapter 1, where he's found inside a closed locker.