Iranch in an Of Empathy railsystem cart
Character Information
Species Tentagib
Status Alive
Times Revived 2
Position Unknown/none
Other Almost invulnerable monster
Real World Information
Introduced Chapter 4

Iranch the Tentagib is one of the monsters on the Of Empathy, seen for the first time in Chapter 4.

Description Edit

Its black body consists of a spherical "head" with one large eye and several powerful tentacles capable of tearing through rather thick steel without much effort. It also has a mouth, which is only visible when open, and can devour almost anything.

It is very resistant to damage, and has survived several pulse rifle blasts and two spak-1 grenades shot at its eye without suffering any crippling wounds. Its tentacles are however much more vulnerable, being quite easy to cut off in comparison. There's been only one confirmed instance of it's destruction, achieved by pushing it in front of a train car and crushing it under it. However, like all other beings in the light void, it is capable of self-revival and one has yet to be permanently neutralized. It may be possible to at least cause permanent damage as Loeb did in Chapter 4 when he hauled a Spak-3 Grenade at close-range, causing Iranch to lose a limb in the resulting explosion. 

Iranch also appears to have an innate understanding of physical and metaphysical structure of the Light Void itself, being capable of flying and navigating through warped space in Chapter 6.

Its origin has not been discussed, though it has been implied to be indigenous to the Light Void or at least not just a mutated crew member/passenger. There exists other black creatures aside from Iranch in the Light Void and it is unknown if there exist more Iranches, but it is known that so far only one has appeared in A'LLUKIN, though several times[1].

References Edit

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