Maddox Alaworth
Character Information
Species Human
Status Alive
Times Revived 1
Position Security Sergeant
Other Main character, Team Alpha member
Real World Information
Introduced Chapter 1

Maddox Alaworth, Maddox or Mad for short, is one of the two main characters in A'LLUKIN, along with Ener. He was also jokingly dubbed Mister Master Maddox Alaworth by others because of his supposedly "regal" name, as Maddox begrudgely mentioned.

Description Edit

Maddox is a male human with dirty tan hair and blue eyes. According to his computer profile, shown in Chapter 4, he is 6` 2`` tall, he weighs 170 lbs and he was born in 5327.04.11 (probably standing for the 11th of April of 5327).

Maddox was hired as a Security Sergeant to maintain order aboard the Of Empathy. He was graduated from Security Academy in Top 10 percentile with high moral code. He is well trained with variety of weaponry and is Blue Belt expert in Oolithian martial arts, being able to fight his way out of danger against Doctor Dodd, Yeyni, and Iranch. He was in charge of Section K in the mornings and Section A in the afternoons, before the Situation broke out on the ship.

Maddox, in his stoic and sometime serious demeanor, is a foil against Ener's more eccentric and curious behaviors. Despite their differences and first impressions in Chapter 1, they were able to work and brave through countless dangers and puzzles together. Even in face of death, both Maddox and Ener were willing to make detours to save one other. This was reinforced when Maddox hauled Ener's unconscious body all the way from Section B to Section D between Chapter 4 and 5 before being apprehended.

Maddox is apparently linked with an female Ooth named Yeyni, though the nautre of their relationship remains unclear. Apparently there is sort of resentment between the two, although Yeyni seems to harbor a vengeful and primal anger toward Maddox with him being rather uncongenial toward her presence.

He is the second character to make its appearance in the story, in Chapter 1, where he's found trapped in a gas-filled room, behind a glass wall, wearing a mask.