The Engineer
Character Information
Species AI
Status Alive
Times Revived Unknown
Position Unknown
Other Cyberfucker, Bloodshot
Real World Information
Introduced Chapter 2(Mentioned), Ch. 3(Seen), Ch. 4(Identified)

The Engineer is one of the ship engineers aboard the Of Empathy. As of seventh chapter, the Engineer is confirmed to be an employee of unknown species aboard the Of Empathy, being dubbed as "one of best" by Doctor Dodd. While their personality seems predominately male, the Engineer's gender is currently unknown.

The Engineer is a most skilled (and possibly criminal) hacker, being able to get through almost any firewalls or malware protection software within seconds or minutes. Their capabilities of hacking is entirely depending on the strength and quality of computer defense system, as it was implied in Chapter 6 when it tooks the Engineer an entire chapter just to hack into terminal outside the Core. The Engineer was also the only one who could keep Loeb at bay in the local cyberspace when he was using the Core's terminal.

The Engineer is often considered to be the entire story's deus ex machina, being able to solve any problems with its hacking abilities. The author has however made statments to the contrary, claiming it's not the case as Engineer was shown to be working multiple problems at a time and is more concerned with the state of the Of Empathy ship than its stranded nhabitants. The Enginner only seems to help Maddox and Ener if there are possibilties of beneficial outcomes.

The Engineer's plan was to recruite multiple crewmembers aboard the Of Empathy with various tasks, all in hopes of getting at least a section of the ship functional and plans their eventual escape. The plan works as Ener and Maddox successfully helped the Manager Quo regained its memories about the entire Situation. With helps by Quo and others, the Engineer successfull banded all of surviving crewmembers to plan their incursion upon the Of Empathy's Bridge.